Delivery Information

By purchasing a Net Dunes exclusive logo templates; stationery templates; web templates or graphic templates, you get the absolute ownership and full copyright control of that design. We'll immediately remove it from our catalog, and never offer it for sale again.

When you purchase an exclusive logo templates; stationery templates; web templates or graphic templates, we'll give you a letter of transfer of ownership and copyright. Furthermore, we offer a lifetime support system so whenever you need assistance in establishing your rightful and exclusive ownership of one of our logo templates; stationery templates; web templates or graphic templates; we can provide all necessary documentation and help.

Non-exclusive logo templates; stationery templates; web templates or graphic templates are available for sale more than once. In other words, we don't remove these templates from our catalog after you've made your purchase.

You don't get to own the copyright when you purchase non-exclusive templates, BUT you are free to use the design with no limitations at all. So, at the end of the day, we own the copyright of these template designs!

Note: You may not buy the Copyright of these templates. As a matter of fact, this would be an infringement on our copyrights and would be subject to penalties starting from $ 10,000.00 USD.

You can modify the templates delivered by us, as long as you have graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (or even basic graphics software), and average user experience with such software, you can do whatever modifications you want to your templates.

Else, we can modify for you! For just $30 USD, we can change the color schemes or text in the logo templates. If you want more extensive changes to the design structure (layout, fonts, concept, merging concepts, etc.), we’re happy to negotiate an additional fee.

For just $85 USD, we can insert your logo in the stationery provided by you, and modify its colors to match the logo plus add any company data you require (address, names, etc.).

All custom fonts that are used in our logo templates will be sent to you in the format you need (Mac & PC). Please note that some of our designs use system fonts, which means that the font files are pre-installed on your computer by default.

Our logo templates come in a range of formats, making it easier for you to use them. Depending on whether you’ve chosen a vector or 3D logo design, it’ll come in the following formats:

* Vector (flat) logo designs: .eps, .ai, .pdf

* 3D logo designs: .eps, .ai, .pdf

We supply our stationery designs as .eps and .ai vector files, because this gives you total flexibility and ease of use.

Note: The above being services (not products), we dispatch the same online, and avoid the Shipping Charges.